COVID-19 UPDATE: Anthem is only gathering online via our livestream.
Joel Maginnis: Lead Deacon of Theology & Practice
by Allen Coleman on January 12th, 2021
I am so very pleased to announce the appointment of Joel Maginnis to the office of Lead Deacon of Theology & Practice. Joel has been at Anthem since 2013. During that time, Joel has served in numerous areas of the church, most notably, as one of our Deacons of Student Ministry. While Joel will continue to serve in Student Ministry, this new office will allow him to use his particular gifting in wa...  Read More
Message from our Pastor
by Allen Coleman on January 6th, 2021
Dearest Anthem,I will quote a man I love dearly to, briefly, summarize my thoughts on the day, thus far (see below). "This vile evil (pictured above) deepens my resolve, by God’s grace, to be a faithful Christian in my generation. What our suffering nation needs, above all else, is the healing power of Jesus Christ. To that I now re-dedicate myself." -Pastor Raymond Ortlund, Jr....  Read More
Living in the Age of Self-Preservation
by Allen Coleman on January 5th, 2021
Self-Preservation is the spirit of the age. But what are the consequences to the Christian life if it becomes our guiding light? How much are we to let self-preservation inform our thinking and to what end? This Sunday labors to answer that question as we continue our series through Genesis....  Read More
Advent 2020 | What Does Christmas Have to Do With Missions?
by Andrew Clark on December 23rd, 2020
Advent reminds us of God's mission to reach us with his son Jesus Christ. What does that mean for us as those called to share his love with others? David Platt explains below....  Read More
11:00a Gathering Moves to 10:45a
by Allen Coleman on December 22nd, 2020
Our normally, scheduled 11:00a gathering will move up 15 minutes to 10:45a when we resume in-person gatherings after the holiday on January 10th. Livestreaming will follow suit at 10:45a beginning January 3rd. Please make a note of these changes.  Read More
Advent 2020 | How is Christmas Good News for a Weary World?
by Andrew Clark on December 22nd, 2020
An infant in a manger vs. an entire world full of sickness, suffering, and pain. Why is this good news? Paul Tripp explains in a way only he can. Read below....  Read More
Advent 2020 | Oh How We Need Advent (This Year More Than Most)
by Andrew Clark on December 21st, 2020
In the wake of loss, in the suffering of our present day, we need the reminder of advent, perhaps even more than years past.This beautiful, poetic post by E. M. Welcher reminds us to remember Christ first advent and to look forward to his second with hope. Read below....  Read More
Welcome Wednesday | Entry #7
by Andrew Clark on December 16th, 2020
Hey Anthem,Often times, our desire to be hospitable towards others is bogged down by the details. How will we prepare? Will our efforts be "good enough?" What will others think of us?This article by Stacy Reaoch is a great reminder to keep welcoming presence as the main focus of all of our hospitality. While COVID-19 may make applying these principles more challenging, our call to hospitality rema...  Read More
Family Discipleship | Entry #7
by Andrew Clark on December 15th, 2020
Hey Parents (and Grandparents!),This week's post is a beautiful Advent prayer for the children in our lives, written by Scotty Smith. May we pray this fervently for our own children, for our grandchildren, and for the many other children we know....  Read More
Christmas Sweater Sunday
by Allen Coleman on December 14th, 2020
This Sunday, December 20th, families are encouraged to wear their best (or ugliest) Christmas sweaters to church. Kids are encouraged to wear festive pajamas as we begin the final week of Advent. ...  Read More
A Very Phased Holiday
by Allen Coleman on December 9th, 2020
Since Thanksgiving, a lot has happened. A new round of stay-at-home orders, moving back to exclusively outdoor gatherings, potential COVID-19 exposures and our first positive test results at Anthem Church. Further, Americans have demonstrated that they intend on traveling and gathering for holidays irrespective of what they're told to do.How very Edenic of us.In all seriousness, it seems as though...  Read More
Welcome Wednesday | Entry #6
by Andrew Clark on December 9th, 2020
Our workplaces, even as we communicate remotely, present great opportunities for us to share and model the love of Jesus to others. Mary Wiley has written a thoughtful, concise article on what this may look like practically for each of us. Take a look below....  Read More