COVID-19 UPDATE: Anthem is only gathering online via our livestream.
Indoor Gatherings Resume
by Allen Coleman on September 16th, 2021
If you missed my musings about COVID mitigation with respect to our gatherings last Sunday, let me you catch you up. We're at a stage of the pandemic where we need to be prepared to ride the spikes and surges of the virus trajectory, as a way of life, for the time being. Remember, we have six-layers of mitigation that inform our decision making and trajectory is one of them. It is the layer that h...  Read More
Discipleship Relaunch Part 2: Anthem Kids
by Andrew Clark on September 9th, 2021
As we look towards relaunching and revitalizing our discipleship ministries (detailed HERE), we need open heads, hands, and hearts from every single one of our members. If openness and a willingness to serve was ever needed, now is certainly the time.In this video, we focus on the vision, the intention, and ongoing needs for Anthem Kids, a vital component of our discipleship of our young childrenY...  Read More
This Sunday: Our Fading Glory
by Andrew Clark on September 2nd, 2021
1 Peter 1:13-25Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” And if y...  Read More
Livestream Only | Sunday, August 8
by Andrew Clark on August 7th, 2021
Anthem Church,Due to substantial waterline issues on our property, we are unable to host an in-person gathering tomorrow, Sunday, August 8. In light of this, please utilize our livestreaming options tomorrow morning at 10am and join us to worship together online (streaming options can be found by CLICKING HERE). We should be able to address these issues next week in time for our in-person, outdoor...  Read More
Outdoor Gatherings | Sundays at 10AM
by Andrew Clark on August 2nd, 2021
In light of Marin County's indoor mask mandate, set in place as of August 3, 2021, Anthem Church will be returning outdoors for our gatherings, starting Sunday, August 15.  Read More
Discipleship Relaunch Part 1: Community
by Andrew Clark on August 1st, 2021
As we look towards relaunching and revitalizing our discipleship ministries (detailed HERE), we need open heads, hands, and hearts from every single one of our members. If openness and a willingness to serve was ever needed, now is certainly the time.For the next three weeks, we will be detailing the needs of our church as we seek to relaunch. This week, we take a look at our new proposed structur...  Read More
Every Part Working Together
by Andrew Clark on July 26th, 2021
At our meeting on July 25, we examined and emphasized the desperate need for our church to regain one of its primary purposes: the business of making intentional disciples across all ages and life stages.  Read More
Counseling at Anthem
by Allen Coleman on May 12th, 2021
I cannot be more excited to announce that Pastor Andrew Clark has begun a Biblical Counseling apprenticeship, under my guidance, effective immediately. Pastor Andrew brings incredible value to this important ministry at Anthem Church. It is our goal and desire to transition this critical ministry to his oversight and care as we forecast into the future of the church. For the time being, however, I...  Read More
Church Office Closed Post-Easter
by Allen Coleman on April 5th, 2021
Good morning, Anthem! My post-Easter mood is still indicative of a full heart. I just want to inform/remind everyone that the church offices are always closed the week after Easter. The staff collectively takes time off to reset and sabbath before we begin the next season of ministry. Please save your questions, emails, phone calls and texts until April 11, when they're all back on duty. This incl...  Read More
Easter Sunday | Parking
by Andrew Clark on April 2nd, 2021
Parking:Hey Anthem,We are anticipating a packed house for Easter Sunday; this is great news, but does pose some parking complications. All things considered, these are complications we like to have…To help us prepare to fit in as many cars as possible, please read the following guidelines and consider them as they apply to you.If you are able to do so, please carpool to help us decrease the total ...  Read More
Easter Sunday | What to Bring
by Andrew Clark on April 2nd, 2021
Hey Anthem,We are so excited to have you all join us for Easter Sunday. Of course, after our gathering, we will have the greatly anticipated catered feast, and we wanted to put together a short list of items you might consider bringing for Sunday afternoon. We encourage you to stick around and enjoy the weather, the food, and the fellowship.A cooler with your favorite beverages or any additional f...  Read More
Mask Optional Gatherings
by Allen Coleman on March 30th, 2021
Beginning Sunday April 11 (week after Easter), Anthem gatherings will move to mask optional mitigation. Now before you get your skivvies all tied up at this decision, let us explain. Anthem, currently, has more than 70% vaccine adherence (including all of our high-risk people), with more getting vaccination every week. As of 03/30/21: 117,758 Marin County residents have been vaccinated (at least o...  Read More