COVID-19 UPDATE: Anthem is only gathering online via our livestream.
Prayer Room
by Andrew Clark on August 11th, 2022
Dear church,I am thrilled to re-introduce the Prayer Room, which will be held in our sanctuary before our gatherings, starting at 9:25am. A bit of backstory and why this is a high value right now:You may remember that a month or two before COVID, Pastor Allen began a time of prayer and worship before our gatherings. It was an opportunity for us to center our hearts for worship and to lift up the u...  Read More
The Gray Havens Return!
by Andrew Clark on August 10th, 2022
Hey church,We are very excited to announce that The Gray Havens will be returning to perform at Anthem on October 11! Utilizing their unique blend of melody and poetic composition, this band graced us once before with their presence back in 2018, and will be joining us again in the fall for another night of story and song.Tickets are now live; we'd love for you to join us and to invite anyone who ...  Read More
Summer Plans
by Andrew Clark on May 10th, 2022
Hey Anthem,Amazingly, it is almost summertime. As the weather begins to change, we have a few community changes coming up as well. Our summer plans will be revealed in full on Sunday, May 15, but here’s a few things to note as we look to transition into the next season of ministry. As we stated back in the fall, our Gospel Communities will be end at the end of May, and our summer community will la...  Read More
Our Life, Our Calling | The Book of 1 Peter
by Andrew Clark on April 28th, 2022
We have a wrestling that we can't easily reconcile. We have an angst that we can't quite settle. We have an inconsistency that haunts us all, but we can't imagine how to walk more true and earnest that we currently do. On one hand, life is hard, painful, and robustly challenging. Whether you follow the Way of Jesus or not, struggle in this world is a certainty, an inevitable law from which we can'...  Read More
A Reminder & A Thank You
by Andrew Clark on April 17th, 2022
Hey Anthem!What a beautiful day we had together. I want to take a moment to personally thank you all for today. We are all there on Easter Sunday to worship the risen Jesus, but so many people are required to make that happen. It's always a lot of work, it's always a lot of preparation, it's always a lot of effort, but what makes Easter so special and enjoyable each year is the fact that we are al...  Read More
What To Expect At Good Friday
by Andrew Clark on April 15th, 2022
Hey Anthem,We are excited to participate in the county-wide Good Friday gathering this evening. Since this is an ecumenical gathering (ecumenical: representing a number of Christian churches), it will look different from our normal gatherings on Sundays. All of the churches participating are quite different, but find common ground in the core, essential beliefs of the Christian faith. Think of ton...  Read More
by Andrew Clark on April 14th, 2022
Anthem,As always, we are SO EXCITED to celebrate with you on Easter Sunday. We are anticipating a packed house again this year, and we need everyone's help to ensure that we can accommodate everyone. Remember, our main aim is to show the welcoming heart of God to our guests, so please be mindful of your decisions and planning as you attend on Sunday.PARKINGIf you are able to do so, please carpool ...  Read More
The Journey Ahead
by Andrew Clark on March 1st, 2022
Dear Anthem,What a whirlwind this season has been. I’m grateful to God for all he has done, I’m hopeful for the future, but it sure has given us strong highs and very deep lows.On Sunday, March 6, we will be starting a new series for the Lenten season, which will take us through the last Sunday before Easter, April 10. It’s called Build The House, and we will be walking through the book of Haggai ...  Read More
Dear Anthem: Ruby’s Open Letter
by Allen Coleman on February 2nd, 2022
Dear Anthem,I have only had the pleasure of attending this church since around May 2021. We traveled so much over the summer that I really feel like it's even less than that , so I don't know all of the details about the inner workings, or history, except what you have shared on Sundays.To Pastor Allen: What I do know is what a touching awesome job you did, at what appeared to be a very difficult ...  Read More
This Sunday: Livestream Only
by Andrew Clark on January 6th, 2022
Dear church,Just last week Pastor Allen posted a video explaining our COVID mitigation measures for the New Year. We as a church are committed to the gathering of the saints: the preaching of the word, the worship, the sacraments, the singing, the fellowship. The church must continue to gather and worship in spirit and truth, even if we have to do so in creative and mitigated ways while we are tog...  Read More
'Tis The Season To Be Jolly... And Neighborly
by Allen Coleman on December 18th, 2021
Our leadership rubric, during this latest season, can be summed-up in a few simple words. These simple words are very powerful, as they allow for the most freedom of conscience and comfort, while at the same time ensuring we are mindful of those around us. They go like this...  Read More
Advent Playlist 2021
by Andrew Clark on December 6th, 2021
If you need some music for the Advent season, look no further. Every year the Gospel Coalition compiles a robust playlist for worship and enjoyment for this season. You can access the playlist on Spotify or Apple Music. May our hearts be turned to Christ in all things this season....  Read More