A Reminder & A Thank You

Hey Anthem!

What a beautiful day we had together. I want to take a moment to personally thank you all for today. We are all there on Easter Sunday to worship the risen Jesus, but so many people are required to make that happen. It's always a lot of work, it's always a lot of preparation, it's always a lot of effort, but what makes Easter so special and enjoyable each year is the fact that we are all there, working and worshipping together, giving of ourselves towards something greater than ourselves. The joy we feel in these moments is tied to this eternal truth: when we are the body, each member different yet functioning together, in a very real sense we find our place in the church and even in the world. We are working in the work God has called us to from before time, and tasting this is a beautiful thing (Ephesians 2:10). So, as your pastor, I just want to say, in case you didn't hear it on Easter Sunday: thank you. Thank you for inviting people, thank you for being hospitable, thank you for serving, thank you for entering into celebration. All of it matters, because the whole body matters.

On a practical note, I wanted to inform/remind everyone that the church offices are always closed the week after Easter. The staff collectively takes time off to reset and sabbath before we begin the next season of ministry. Please save your questions, emails, phone calls and texts until April 24, when they're all back on duty. This includes Paden, Nathaniel, Joel and myself. You might see some of the staff doing very limited work during this time-off, but please do not assume that means open-season on all ministry requests. As always, for urgent or pressing matters you can contact elders@anthemchurch.net.

This upcoming Sunday I'll be preaching a stand-alone sermon on Luke 24:13-35, titled "Burning Hearts". See you then!

Blessings & love,
Pastor Andrew

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