What To Expect At Good Friday

what to expect

Hey Anthem,

We are excited to participate in the county-wide Good Friday gathering this evening. Since this is an ecumenical gathering (ecumenical: representing a number of Christian churches), it will look different from one of our normal gatherings on Sunday mornings. All of the churches participating are different, but find common ground in the core, essential beliefs of the Christian faith. Think of tonight's time more like a conference meant for mutual encouragement and edification than an actual church gathering or service. We are not members of each other's churches, and the pastors of these other churches aren't our pastors, but we believe it is good and edifying to find occasional opportunities to share time of worship and reflection together with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Marin County.

A few notes:
1. The gathering begins at 7pm; please plan to arrive early to find a parking spot. Again, the gathering will be hosted at New Life Church in Novato; location details can be found HERE.
2. Below is the order of service so you can see the different elements beforehand.
3. As previously posted, if you can't attend and would like to livestream the event, you can do so at anthemchurch.net/live.

Thanks Anthem! Whether you join us this evening or not, in whatever way you choose, I pray that you spend time today reflecting on the sacrifice of Christ, made on our behalf that we may be won back to our Heavenly Father.

Pastor Andrew

Welcome (Caleb and Rachel Klinge, New Life Church)

Call To Worship - Isaiah 53 (Caleb Klinge)

“All For Love (Gethsemane)”

Reading #1: Isaiah 53:1-3 (Will Nelkin, Trinity Community Church)

Homily #1 (Rachel Klinge, New Life Church)

Prayer Response (Matthew Holiday, Christ Church North Bay)

“The Wonderful Cross”

Reading #2: Isaiah 53:4-6 (Courtney Grager, Marin Covenant Church)

Homily #2 (Gary Taylor, Bay Marin Community Church)

Prayer Response (Timothy Seo, The Community Church)

“How Deep The Father’s Love For Us”

Reading #3: Isaiah 53:7-9 (Mike Riley, Church of the Open Door)

Homily #3 (Dani Kilgore, Marin Covenant Church)

Prayer Response (Pastor Jerry Ghirardo, Lighthouse Christian Church)

“There Is A Fountain”

Reading #4: Isaiah 53:10-12 (Tamara Cotten, Sausalito Christian Fellowship)

Homily #4 (Andrew Clark, Anthem Church)

Prayer Response (Eddie and Sherie Gutfeld, Victory Christian Center)

“Son of Suffering”

The Lord’s Table (Eddie and Sherie Gutfeld, Victory Christian Center)


“Revelation Song”

“How Great Is Our God”

Benediction (Caleb Klinge, New Life Church)

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