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As always, we are SO EXCITED to celebrate with you on Easter Sunday. We are anticipating a packed house again this year, and we need everyone's help to ensure that we can accommodate everyone. Remember, our main aim is to show the welcoming heart of God to our guests, so please be mindful of your decisions and planning as you attend on Sunday.

  • If you are able to do so, please carpool to help us decrease the total amount of cars in our lot.
  • Please arrive early this Sunday. This helps a lot as we figure out parking. A large influx of cars right at 10am makes fitting everyone into a space more complex.
  • We might have to double park in some areas. Please be patient with others as we do our best to fit all vehicles.
  • Deacons, families, and staff: Please utilize the staff parking lot down the hill first. Once this is full, you can then find another spot.
  • All Sunday Volunteers (Welcome, worship, and everything else): Please utilize parking on the train track side of the tent first, then the spaces behind the tent on the track side and the median side. If we use these spaces first, it will make parking for everyone else much easier.

As you arrive, please sit as far forward and towards the outside walls as you and your family canThere will only be one middle aisle; the outside aisles will not be available as those spaces will be filled with chairs. We understand that we often have places we prefer to sit, but we will not be able to allow for these preferences (with the rare exceptions made as we are mindful of necessary accessibility). We will very likely need every seat, so please move up, move in, and get comfortable with those around you. This is absolutely necessary as we make space for guests who may come late or right at 10am. Again, this is a request being made in light of hospitality: we want guests to have seats readily available to them. It is very off-putting and awkward to have to shuffle down a whole row of strangers to squeeze into two seats in the middle of an aisle; it communicates a lack of thought and consideration, whether we intend that or not. While this may be commonplace or accepted at a ballgame or a concert, surely we can be more accommodating as believers in Christ on Easter Sunday. We want many to come and join in, and our hospitality goes a long way in communicating the love of God to those we don't know.

Thank you, church, for considering all of this as we approach celebration and worship on Sunday morning. As always, you can reach out to us on the app or at with any questions. We love you and we can't wait to celebrate the resurrection on Sunday morning! See you there!

Anthem Staff

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