Dear Anthem: Ruby’s Open Letter

Dear Anthem,

I have only had the pleasure of attending this church since around May 2021. We traveled so much over the summer that I really feel like it's even less than that , so I don't know all of the details about the inner workings, or history, except what you have shared on Sundays.

To Pastor Allen: What I do know is what a touching awesome job you did, at what appeared to be a very difficult message yesterday. I took the picture below (I hope you don't mind me snapping it), it was just such a vision of love and I imagine in the years to come, you may enjoy having this moment and wanted to send it to you. I don't know how others processed it. I didn't feel anger or any other negative emotions. I felt power in your words. I felt God working through you and knowing that his direction and care for you and your family and Anthem is evident in the grace you treated the church family with. I'm prayerful for his awesome and amazing wonder in your future. Oh how blessed Camarillo is about to be! And it won't be long before they 'get you' like we do :)

To Pastor Andrew: You were the first pastor we heard when we came to town. I knew when we heard and met you, it was our church home. I know the transition for you, with your father stepping down and the responsibilities that you will own, can be a bumpy transition. I have you all in my prayers!

To both of you: God has used you as a conduit to myself and so many others, clearly, by the love that surrounds that church. I've been a Christian since I was 21 and have seen many pastors come and go. I will say with complete honesty, I have never been as touched by an exit sermon, as I was yesterday. Thank you for your honesty, transparency and all that you pour into our Lord and Saviour being the focus.

These seismic shifts can be painful, but oh so beautiful as well.

I look forward to taking the advice of last week's service and becoming more involved in Anthem. It is such a phenomenal family. Anyone who walks in can feel that energy and sense the Holy Spirit running wild.

Thank you for your vulnerability, both of you. Thank you for including us on this journey. And thank you for being such great evidence of our Father and what happens when we lean into him and follow his path.

Ruby Cohan.

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