This Sunday: Livestream Only

Dear church,

Just last week Pastor Allen posted a video explaining our COVID mitigation measures for the New Year. We as a church are committed to the gathering of the saints: the preaching of the word, the worship, the sacraments, the singing, the fellowship. The church must continue to gather and worship in spirit and truth, even if we have to do so in creative and mitigated ways while we are together. This has been and will continue to be a high priority for us as we continue to weather the peaks and valleys of this pandemic.

However, sometimes in the current COVID climate there are weeks when the amount of variables at play make a gathering untenable. Due to a number of circumstances, we have a considerable shortage of the ministry team members needed to hold a gathering. In light of this, we have decided that the prudent thing to do this week is to pre-record a livestream for our church members to view from home on Sunday morning, January 9, at 10AM. These decisions are never made easily by our leadership, but we are confident that this is the wise call for this week. We intend to resume in-person gatherings next Sunday, January 16.

It’s been a dizzying and difficult week. Just as the new year is beginning, many of us are already facing hardships and trials of many kinds. We encourage you to continue to speak truth and love to another, build one another up in love, and pray for one another. The church is given to us for such times as these - may the world see Jesus in the way we love and care for one another.

As always, you can visit for streaming options.

With love,
Pastor Andrew

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