Church Office Closed Post-Easter

Good morning, Anthem! My post-Easter mood is still indicative of a full heart. I just want to inform/remind everyone that the church offices are always closed the week after Easter. The staff collectively takes time off to reset and sabbath before we begin the next season of ministry. Please save your questions, emails, phone calls and texts until April 11, when they're all back on duty. This includes Pastor Andrew, Paden, Nathan, Joel and myself. You might see some of the staff doing very limited work during this time-off, but please do not assume that means open-season on all ministry requests. 

As for myself, I begin a two week vacation starting the moment I hit "publish" on this post. I will return to ministry on Monday, April 19. Thanks again for an incredible Easter Sunday with you all. All that pent-up joy finally had its day in the sun. As always, for urgent or pressing matters you can contact

And don't forget, GENESIS resumes this Sunday with Pastor Andrew!


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