Mask Optional Gatherings

Beginning Sunday April 11 (week after Easter), Anthem gatherings will move to mask optional mitigation. Now before you get your skivvies all tied up at this decision, let us explain. Anthem, currently, has more than 70% vaccine adherence (including all of our high-risk members), with more getting vaccinated every week (this is not an endorsement, just a reality). As of 03/30/21: 117,758 Marin County residents have been vaccinated (at least one dose). That's nearly 50% of our community with this layer of mitigation. Lastly, any one with issues of conscience or concern may, of course, continue wearing a mask. Anthem will be stocking N95 masks (offering a higher level of protection) at the Welcome Center, every Sunday, for those that request it.

For these reasons, including our intent to stay outdoors for the time being (and those mentioned in the below video), we feel this is an appropriate decision for our community, at this time. Please watch the below video that will go live on our website for guests beginning April 5, which explains more. If you have any questions, please message me on the app or shoot me an email.

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