Lent 2021: What to Expect

what is lent?

A hallmark of the liturgical church calendar, Lent is a season preceding Easter dedicated to somber reflection on the weight of our sin, which separated us from God and led Christ to the cross to die in our place to win us back to our Heavenly Father. Lent typically lasts about 40 days (Sundays excluded) beginning on Ash Wednesday (February 17 this year) and ending on either Maundy Thursday, Holy Saturday, or Easter Sunday, depending on the tradition followed.

At Anthem, we don’t hold strictly to this liturgical calendar throughout the year, but we do adopt the seasons of Advent and Lent, viewing them as opportunities for increased devotion, self-denial, and reflection on Jesus’ birth and death, respectively. Notably, both seasons also incorporate expectation of celebration, a discipline we hold in high regard in our church. These holy days are pinnacles of our faith, and Christians should be known for celebrating God’s goodness revealed in the significance of each day.

Through the years, our members have used Lent in a variety of ways. Some years we fasted together, other years we celebrated just the days of Holy Week together. You of course are free to engage with this season as the Lord leads, but here’s what to expect from Anthem as we begin Lent next Wednesday, initiating our holy waiting for the celebration of the Lord’s resurrection.


Beginning Ash Wednesday, daily devotionals will be shared through the app and on social media (Sundays excluded) through Holy Saturday. These can be used for personal or family devotion, however you see fit; this is a great way to engage with Lent if you aren’t sure what else to do. We encourage you to join us as we reflect together on the goodness and the sacrifice of our Lord.

reflection and application

Beginning Sunday, March 7, Pastor Allen will be preaching a Lenten series titled “A Pastor’s Confessional.” While the title might lead you to believe that these sermons will be pastor-centric, rest assured: as with every sermon series preached at Anthem, the themes shared will certainly reveal sin in our own hearts, and more importantly will cause us to worship the God who is abundantly good to us, even in our own sin.

The week following each sermon, some form of content (in response to the sermon) will be published to aid all of us in further reflection of the teaching and, most importantly, our next steps in applying and walking in obedience to the Lord’s prompting.


As you are well aware, the COVID landscape in Marin is shifting on a daily basis. We have learned from unfortunate experience that despite great planning and effort, things can change at the last second (...Christmas Ball, anyone?...). Nonetheless, we are dedicated to celebrating Resurrection Day, in person, in the best way we can on Sunday, April 4. As we plan and as the day draws nearer, we will share what Easter will look like and what to expectg on that day.

join us

However the Lord leads you, we encourage you to join us in observing Lent this year. We are all weary from the past year, but let us not let this upcoming season pass by with indifference; if your current devotion is but smoldering embers, take this opportunity to set yourself before the Lord, fanning your affections into a stronger flame as we approach Easter Sunday.

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