Message from our Pastor

Dearest Anthem,

If you have not yet taken a knee to bow to the King of kings, the Leader of leaders...perhaps now you will see the futility in placing your hope and trust anywhere else. We believe prayer changes things, especially when we do so together. So pray, not because of obligation, but because of its efficacy. And to conclude, I will quote a man I love dearly to, briefly, summarize my thoughts on the day, thus far (see below).
"This vile evil deepens my resolve, by God’s grace, to be a faithful Christian in my generation. What our suffering nation needs, above all else, is the healing power of Jesus Christ. To that I now re-dedicate myself." -Pastor Raymond Ortlund, Jr.


 (The word "amen" is not gendered, it means "so be it". It come from the root Hebrew "emunah", which means "truth")

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