Sunday Status Update | October 4, 2020

AQI looks good for this morning. See you at our outdoor gathering at 10:30AM!
Forecasts indicate that the AQI will be below 150 tomorrow morning during our normal gathering time. As of now, we will plan to have our outdoor gathering as normal. We will continue to monitor conditions through the night and will make a final decision tomorrow morning.

-Anthem Staff
Hello Anthem,

We are keeping a close eye on the air quality forecast as the weekend progresses. While the status is very unhealthy this evening, forecasts seem to indicate that the Air Quality Index (AQI) will improve to acceptable levels by Sunday.

Depending on air quality, on Sunday we will utilize one of two available options:
  1. If the AQI is below 150, we will meet in-person outdoors, as we have been.
  2. If the AQI is above 150, everyone will stay home and utilize the livestream. The staff is still working on preparing a safe and functional indoor space for members and guests; while this isn't an option this week, we hope to make our indoor space available as soon as possible.

We will provide a final update on our gathering status either late Saturday or early Sunday, so please watch the app notifications and news feed for any important information.

Lastly, please join us in prayer for not only the quality of the air, but for the many who are being affected by the still uncontained fires causing this smoke.

Anthem Staff

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