Understanding the Reservation "Waitlist"

Now that we've had a few weeks under our belt utilizing our reservation system, I wanted to take a moment and bring some clarity to what it means when you see "waitlist" while registering for an in-person gathering under the tent.

First, you need to know that if the system we were using (planning center) let us change that word ("waitlist"), we would. Alas, they do not, but it is the best system available to us, especially on the backend.

"Waitlist" does not mean you have to "wait" for someone to cancel or no show before you can arrive on a Sunday to one of our in-person gatherings. If you book a reservation under the tent or on the "waitlist" it means you have seat for Sunday. The question is just where your seat will be?

Marin County allows us to have up to 100 people for an outdoor gathering under current health protocols. Our tent can accommodate anywhere from 60-75 attendees, responsibly spaced, depending on the composition of the families attending. More smaller groups of families attending, mean we're closer to the 60 number. More larger groups of families attending, moves us closer to 75 under the tent.

The "waitlist" is our way of saying we have surpassed the minimum number of reservations (60) to potentially max-out seating under the tent. Whether we can accommodate more is contingent upon the final seating chart for that Sunday.  So if you book a "waitlist" reservation, it means you MIGHT not be under the main tent and, instead, seated in our overflow section. But it DOES NOT mean this definitively. 

Further, Anthem has just procured two large pop-up canopies for the aforementioned overflow seating areas. These new 10x20 canopies will help ensure no one is sitting directly in the sun and will be utilized starting this Sunday (9/13).

Last, please know we will continue to adapt on an on-going basis to ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible while attending one of our tent gatherings. We will procure as many canopies as possible and make as many adjustments as necessary to ensure this.

Hope this helps.

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