Revival Is In The Air

If you've been following me on social media, at all (and why would you), you may have picked up on my frequent references to revival in the air. Now, I know revival can mean something different to everyone. However, as I have used it, with respect to resuming in-person gatherings this weekend, I mean it in at least two ways. First, it's classic, literal definition:

revival [ ri-vahy-vuhl ]
1. restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.

This Sunday, it is our goal to revive the vigor and strength of our local church. It is in our coming together that we, as the local church, are edified and encouraged. It's one of the means of grace by which the Spirit of God uses to give subsequent fillings of His power to His people. Which makes this Sunday very important, indeed. Because we need that power for this next I also use this word to invoke its spiritual connotation with respect to church history:

revival [ ri-vahy-vuhl ]
2. an evangelistic gathering or a series of gatherings for the purpose of effecting a religious awakening in a church or community.

Biblical revival usually appeared when needed most, at a community's most critical moment, to advance the purposes of God. What if this is our most critical moment? What if 2020 is God's way of using 'evil' for 'good'? And what if this particular good is meant to awaken the church and move the Gospel in particular ways, at this particular time?  

Oh, what if...

What if God wants to display His healing power in the middle of wide-sweeping illness?
What if God wants to display His reconciling will in the middle of wide-sweeping division?
What if God wants to display His loving leadership in the middle of wide-sweeping political unrest?
What if God wants to display His people burning with passion in the middle of wide-sweeping fires?

What if, Anthem...

What if we are being asked to be a small bonfire in the middle of our county so that every cyclist, neighbor and commuter is provoked by the Spirit, not the culture? So that every democrat, republican, and independent is convicted of the Kingdom, not a kingdom? So that every racist, feminist and chauvinist is dumbfounded by authentic unity, not artificial unity? And, let us not forget the revival that God want to do in us, as well!

No one knew revival was in the air before it broke out. No one knew the 'new thing' God was doing just before it happened. So, what if? What if revival is in the air?

Don't bring your resigned, unimpassioned, indifference tomorrow. Bring the entirety of your "...heart...soul...mind...and strength.." longing for God to do a new thing in us and through us.

Because, beloved, what if....

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