Not Again, Satan

The Coronavirus has taken 23 Sundays and more than 5 months from us. That's how long it's been since our last in-person, worship gathering as a church. And just when we thought 2020 couldn't throw anymore at us, the barrage continues. Last week it was heat (our preview gathering for elders and deacons) that prevented us from gathering. This week, it may be air quality that does us in. Two things come to mind as a consider all of this:

1. We need to be praying during this time. We need to be bowing in before the Lord collectively and consistently. Asking Him for specific Grace in this area and for continued endurance for the local church all across the globe. Would you take a few moments each day, between now and Sunday, and pray this prayer with me:

"Lord, we are thankful for all You have done and are doing in and through this season. Even when we don't see You working, we know deep in our bones that You are unceasing in Your outpouring. Give us the steadfastness and staying-power to endure, yet, another potential hardship and another potential delay.  We pray that You blow winds from the east to clear smoke from the skies, scattering the poisoned air out to sea. In so doing, preserving health and our desire to worship collectively, as planned. I pray you rain down supernatural moisture, so homes and lives would be spared across the region. We pray against Satan, his servants, their works and effects. We ask that You bind him and make him ineffective in our home, church and community. Finally, we pray that we would see the latent potential for revival lingering in the air around us, just as we can see the smoke today. We trust You, we love You, and we long to worship You together this Sunday. To the praise of Your glorious Grace, we offer up this prayer. Amen."

2. We need to be alert during this time. Spiritual warfare is dialed up to 11 right now. Satan hates the Christian, he hates the local church, and he hates the Gospel. It delights him to see the church scattered so long, isolated so well, and distracted so much. It must be our desire and aim, within the bounds of wisdom, to not offer the Devil one more Sunday in sacrifice than necessary. He has thrown everything at us but the kitchen sink and, rest assured, the kitchen sink is inevitably on its way. So be vigilant in this season. Be alert. Satan prowls as he always has. Do not neglect to gather, as is the habit of some. And when the opportunity is ripe, let us worship in fullness together, as our declaration of war in our efforts to hold the line in Marin County.

I love you all. I pray I see you this Sunday.

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