Racial Unity and the Local Church

Discussions take time.

Dialogue involves more than one person, engaging with different perspectives, and desiring a potentially more perfect whole. In fact, the prefix "di" in "dialogue" means "two". Discourse doesn't  always end the same day you start it, either. That's much different than the on-demandness we are used to. What does it say about our hearts if we are unwilling to engage in meaningful conversation and are only willing to share or watch 15-second Instagram stories? What does it say about our agenda if a 280-character tweet is favored over prolonged, but critical, face-to-face exchange?

I, for one, think it says a lot. If one cannot engage with tonight's 90-minutes of discussion because you have trained your attention span for social media monologue...I think it says a lot, indeed.
Tonight, you will have an opportunity to hear from five minorities who attend Anthem Church. Their goal is to bring the Gospel to bear on the current landscape with respect to race and injustice. We hope you will join our conversation, in progress, with a humble posture, attentive heart and transformed mind.

• If racial reconciliation seems out of reach...please join us tonight.
• If you are unsure how to respond in times like these...please join us tonight.
• If injustice seems like the true pandemic of this season...please join us tonight.
• If you call yourself a Christian...definitely join us tonight.
• If you are a member at Anthem Church...you have a responsibility to join us tonight.

www.anthemchurch.net/firesidechat at 7:00p.

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