Anthem Bingo - Tonight!

Hey Anthem,

We are so excited for Bingo tonight at 6PM! In order to make sure we are all ready to roll when the time comes to play, let’s review a few things:

Make sure your bingo card is ready.
Before we start, let’s each make sure we have functioning bingo cards for the evening. We advise you make sure your options works this afternoon, before we start.
You can choose any of these three options for your card:
  1. You can CLICK HERE to get a digital bingo card. Note: this should be used on a device other than the one you will be using for the zoom call.  For example, use a computer or tablet for Zoom, and use your phone for the bingo card. You can tap each number to mark it or unmark it.
  2. You can print a bingo card at home (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) and use coins, candy, or something else to mark your spaces.
  3. If neither of these options work for you, we have printed about 20 blank bingo cards and left them outside the office doors at the church. Feel free to stop by and grab a few if needed for tonight.

Sign into Zoom around 5:50PM to get set and get settled. 
This way we can kick things off right at 6PM. You're going to want to maximize our time to try to get one of these prizes... trust me.

ZOOM ID: 985-312-0434

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
Can’t wait to see you all tonight!

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