Anthem Kids/Eiro Scouts: Update

Hey Anthem,

As most of you know, the St. Clairs (Jen in particular) have worked very hard this season on the Eiro Scouts curriculum for our kids. You may not know, however, that all of the material was developed completely by their family. This has been a labor of love; each week took many, many hours for them to prepare. Eiro Scouts has been a wonderful, engaging gift to our church during a time when our normal kid’s ministry operations have been suspended.

As their family shifts into another season of schooling and life, their time and energy need to be focused elsewhere, and in turn Eiro Scouts will be coming to a rest, reporting for duty for the final time this Sunday, May 17. Thank you, Jen and family, for helping us so much during this time. Please join me in expressing gratitude for their great love and effort!

Rest assured – Anthem Kids will continue on! We are cooking up some fun stuff for the weeks to come, so keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for updates!

Anthem Staff

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