Colossians is a letter, written by the apostle Paul from prison, to the church in Colossae (modern day Turkey). It has a primary two-part structure. The first part of this letter is intended to give us a clear picture of who Jesus is: King Over All. Once we understand this, Colossians then focuses its second part on the subsequent effects. In short, Jesus produces comprehensive life change when we see Him over all, not just in part. Paul wants to exalt Jesus above everything. Jesus is the very image of God (1:15), the Creator (1:16) and the sustainer of all things (1:17). He is the head of the Church (1:18) the first to be resurrected (1:18), the fullness of God in bodily form (1:19), and the ultimate reconciler (1:20-22).

If your maturity feels stagnant, your growth feels slow or you faith feels weak, then Colossians is the series you've been waiting for. If you feel anxious about the world, insecure about your relationships or unsure about your future, then Colossians is the timely text you need.

Welcome to Colossians: All Hail King Jesus.


  1. Introduction | 1:1-2
  2. King Over Our Posture | 1:3-14
  3. King Over Our Doctrine | 1:15-23
  4. King Over Our Maturity | 1:24-2:5
  5. King Over Our Freedom | 2:6-15
  6. King Over Our Worship | 2:16-23
  7. King Over Our Conduct | 3:1-11
  8. King Over Our Relationships | 3:12-17
  9. King Over Our Marriages | 3:18-19
  10. King Over Our Children | 3:20-21
  11. King Over Our Jobs | 3:22-4:1
  12. King Over Our Ministry | 4:2-18

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