Dwell: The Scripture Listening App

Welcome to the Spotify of Scripture. Cultivate a habit of listening to the Bible during this time at home. The Dwell app is beautiful composition of original artwork, original music and six-orginial voices:
  1. Mark (ESV): North American | Casual & Conversational
  2. Rosie (ESV): Northern England | Soft & Relaxed
  3. Greggory (ESV): North American | Dramtic & Storyteller
  4. Christopher (KJV): British | Sincere & Confident
  5. Felix (ESV): East African | Energetic & Warm
  6. David (NIV): British | Warm & Sophisticated
Dwell is an intelligent, redemptive use of technology with Bible plans, passages, & playlists. Right now it's available free to Anthem members during 'Shelter-in-Place'. Get your free subscription link now on the Anthem App home screen.

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