Why The Food Bank Is The Perfect Place To Rally

The Coronavirus has taken a lot from us. A lot.

What it cannot take from us is our responsibility to be the Church. Not in spite of COVID-19, but precisely because of it. Marginalized and at-risk people everywhere will pay the heaviest price in a community that has moved into self-protect mode.

Not on our watch.

Anthem Church has an Anthem: 'Make Jesus Known'. Without condition, excuse and in spite of season. Even a cursory examination of Jesus' ministry to the sick and 'untouchables' of His own community will convict you to core, embolden you to serve, and test your commitment to the Gospel in times such at these.

This is not for the faint of heart.

However, this is also not for those of you whose conscience won't allow it or fall into any of the higher-risk categories. That being said, we believe the Marin Food Bank is the perfect place for Anthem Church to rally and, at the same time, get out and see our Anthem family, in the flesh. We believe we can make the experience relatively low-risk, here are some of the ways we intend to do that:
  • Food will be pre-packaged by volunteers
  • The food bank will be "drive-thru" only
  • Drop-zones will be used for those without a car
  • Gloves will be provided
  • A minimum of 6-feet social distancing between volunteers
  • No more than 10 volunteers per weekend
We believe in this season, when Food Bank participation was feigning, we can see a resurgence of this vital ministry at this vital time.

So, what are you doing this Saturday?

Sign up on the app home page or at anthemchurch.net/foodbankhelp

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