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When you think of Genesis, you may not think of family. Yet, that’s exactly the theme of this first book of the Bible. And family is complicated. Genesis is the original home DNA kit. It allows us to trace our collective lineage and history as God’s created people.  This is important because one must learn  where they've come from, to know where to go. Likewise, one must learn  who their family is, to know who they are.  Any exploration of one’s family tree will yield details to essential life questions.  The answers to these questions and more are revealed in the book of Genesis.

Moreover, the way Genesis goes about doing all of this is by consistently dealing with front-page issues. Meaning, much of the subject matter found in Genesis has a contemporary, relevant parallel. Consider the following issues covered in this book:
  • origin of the universe
  • creation vs. evolution
  • human dignity
  • gender
  • marriage
  • sin
  • deception
  • greed
  • murder
  • abuse
  • war
  • immorality
  • oppression
By wisely wading into these front-page issues, we have the privilege of having our worldview shaped, in accordance with Scripture, at a critical time in history. Instead of just going after topics disconnected from the biblical narrative, Genesis helps us see the root issues that transcend era and geography. It does this by framing our most foundational doctrines and hangs them on the walls of people’s minds so they can understand the world around them, rightly.

Lastly, Genesis serves as the foundation for the rest of the Bible. For example, in its opening verses, it introduces us to who God is and how God works. Genesis also introduces us to the biblical idea of covenants. God makes distinct promises, with specific obligations to Adam, Noah and Abraham. These covenants help us understand everything that happens throughout Scripture, as they remind us of God’s faithfulness amid the frequent and severe disappointments of a fallen world.

The doctrines of creation, imputation of sin, justification, atonement, wrath, grace, sovereignty, responsibility, and many more, are all addressed in this book of the Bible. It cannot be overstated how foundational Genesis is to the local church. Verse after verse, we are given stories which illustrate these doctrines and their importance to our basic understanding of the world within and around us.