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The word disciple is the greek word 'mathetes', literally translated 'to follow'. Therefore, it is much more than simply a student or pupil. A disciple is someone who adheres to and conforms to the teachings of another, making it their way of life. This is why to follow Jesus is sometimes referred to as The Way (John 14:6, Acts 22:4, Acts 19:23, Acts 24:14).  Quite simply, discipleship is about finding our Way in this world. 


Gospel Communities are the smaller groups of people within and around Anthem Church that meet regularly throughout the week. These smaller concentric circles of community exist as the primary vehicle for discipleship at Anthem. Gospel Communities meet regularly,  in different homes around the county, aspiring to be the family that God expects of us. We live life together, by God's grace, enjoying one another, studying the Bible, and sending one another out to love others. In the end, it'a all about our anthem to  Make Jesus Known to each other and our culture. 

how do gospel communties work?

We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is best lived out together in a sustainable rhythm that allows for service, study, fellowship, and rest.
Once a month, each Gospel Community will meet together in homes to break bread, visit, and enjoy life in Christ.
2-3 times a month, the men and women in each GC will meet separately in smaller groups for prayer, devotion, study, and encouragement.

how do i get involved?

To join a Gospel Community, please fill out a Connect Card, linked below, and our team will help you get integrated into our community. You can also use this form to ask any questions or to reach out to our leadership team for any other reason.