social bubbles & Gospel communities

considering one another as we begin to meet together

how do we do this?

A video from pastor andrew explaining our heart behind implementing this option.

what are social bubbles?

further description of social bubbles

  • Additional Activity: Small public and private outdoor gatherings comprised of individuals within a Social Bubble are permitted, subject to the requirements of this Order. 
  • Basis for Addition:  Social Bubbles, which must follow the safety guidance issued by the CDC, CDPH, and local health officials at all times, are reasonably low risk for spreading infection.  Those in Social Bubbles must comply with the conditions in this Order.
  • Description and Conditions to Operate: 
    • Definitions:
      • A “Social Bubble” means a stable group of not more than 12 individuals, who may attend outdoor social or other events together.
      • A “Childcare or Youth Extracurricular Activity Unit” means a group formed for the purpose of providing childcare or for the purpose of allowing children and youth to engage in extracurricular activities and following the guidelines set forth in the Required Best Practices for Childcare Establishments, Summer Camps, and Sports Camps.
    • A Social Bubble may be comprised of a combination of households, but no household or individual may participate in more than one Social Bubble, except as described herein, and each member of the household must be counted as part of the same Social Bubble.
    • No person may be a member of more than one Social Bubble during any three-week period, except that a child who resides in more than one dwelling unit as part of a shared custody arrangement may be part of the Social Bubble of each of the child’s parents or guardians.
    • In addition to a Social Bubble, a youth may also be a member of a Childcare or Youth Extracurricular Activity Unit during the same three-week period.  However, a youth can only participate in one Childcare or Youth Extracurricular Activity Unit during any three-week period. 
    • Members of a Social Bubble or Childcare or Youth Extracurricular Activity Unit are strongly encouraged to comply with Social Distancing Requirements and Health Officer Order on Face Coverings Children, even when socializing with other members of their Social Bubble or Childcare or Youth Extracurricular Activity Unit, and except as expressly permitted herein shall continue to comply with all other applicable requirements (i.e., staying home while sick, obeying quarantine and isolation orders, etc.).