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The Promise Of Persecution

September 30, 2018 Preacher: Paden Rourk Series: Acts

Topic: Persecution Scripture: Acts 14:19–14:28

While Paul & Barnabas remain in Lystra there are a group of Jews who have traveled from as far as Iconium and Pisidian Antioch for the sole purpose of disrupting the ministry of the apostles. These Jews were able to persuade the crowds, who had just been worshiping Paul, to have Paul stoned, dragged out of the city and left for dead; or so they thought. The disciples in Lystra gather around Paul’s body to find him alive. Paul stands up and returns to Lystra to stay the night before departing to Derbe to continue to preach the gospel. When their work is complete in Derbe Paul and Barnabas begin their return trip to Syrian Antioch traveling back through the towns that they were persecuted in for the purpose of strengthening and encouraging the disciples to remain steadfast in their faith for when persecution comes. This passage in Acts reminds us that we have an enemy who seeks to disrupt the work of the gospel, it highlights the importance of preparing for persecution, and it reminds that we are able to rest in God’s sovereignty when facing persecution.

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