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Why Are You Doing These Things?

September 23, 2018 Preacher: Andrew Clark Series: Acts

Topic: Idolatry Scripture: Acts 14:8–14:18

Paul and Barnabas find themselves in the city of Lystra after fleeing from Iconium. Here Paul heals a crippled man, and the town’s reaction to this miraculous act of God is to treat their visitors as gods themselves, seeking to honor Paul and Barnabas by offering sacrifices to them. When the apostles realize what is going on, they urgently insist that the city members put an end to their vain worship of false gods and turn instead to the living God, creator and sustainer of heaven and earth. Paul and Barnabas confront the idolatry of Lystra, and we as the readers are likewise confronted. We too must turn from the many people, things, and ideas we seek for deliverance, and we must turn instead to the living Christ, who offers us an easy yoke and a restored relationship with our living and loving Father. 

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