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Intersectional Gospel - Part 2

June 3, 2018 Preacher: Pastor Allen Coleman Series: Acts

Topic: Evangelism Scripture: Acts 9:1–9:31

Saul, a violent opponent of the Way of Christ and of the early church, is met unexpectedly on the road to Damascus by Christ himself. Jesus confronts Saul, who then finishes his journey to Damascus and is met by Ananias, a brother in Christ who assists Saul in his early moments of faith. This text shows us that although opponents of Christ may malign, marginalize, and mistreat followers of Jesus, the gospel has the power to change even the hardest of hearts through circumstance and the provision of grace. These individuals can be used in mighty ways for God’s purposes, and thus we must pray and move forward with boldness, trusting the work of the Holy Spirit as we share good news with them in word and deed.

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