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Living For The Name: Part 2

January 28, 2018 Preacher: Andrew Clark Series: Acts

Topic: Wisdom Scripture: Acts 5:33–5:42

After the apostles rebuke the Sanhedrin for their unfocused, selfish faith, the council is so enraged that they look to kill these messengers of God. Before they can act, a wise man named Gamaliel steps forth and prevents them. Gamaliel reminds the council that if the efforts of the apostles are indeed manufactured, the movement will cease to exist, but if this movement is from God, there is no way it will be overturned. Taking his advice, the council beats the apostles and charges them, yet again, to not preach the gospel of Christ. As they leave, the apostles rejoice and continue to preach in obedience to their Savior, rejoicing that they have been counted worthy to suffer for Jesus’ sake. This text reminds us of the value of wise and seasoned council, affirms the unshakeable certainty that God’s purposes will never be thwarted, and provides us with deeper insight into what rejoicing through persecution is to look like for followers of Jesus.

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