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How We Change

December 17, 2017 Preacher: Pastor Allen Coleman Series: Acts

Topic: Change Scripture: Acts 3:11–3:26

Today’s world tells us that if we have enough information and motivation, we can make changes to our surroundings and to ourselves. Temporary change may indeed come, but what happens when the information needed for change ends up changing itself? What happens when the motivation runs dry? The true, lasting change we desire for ourselves comes not by our own strength or will, but through the power of the name of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus we receive the comfort, approval, and security we long for; his name is the answer to all of our striving, and our responses of repentance, worship, and devotion to his Lordship change us from the inside out. May our selfish strivings cease, and may we fall at the feet of the Author of life, changed by the power of his love.

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