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Getting Your House In Order

October 29, 2017 Preacher: Pastor Allen Coleman Series: Acts

Topic: Patience Scripture: Acts 1:12–1:26

We the people of the 21st century are a people who do not like to wait… for anything. With so much instantaneous gratification at our fingertips, our ability and desire to wait expectantly and hopefully has diminished. After the ascension of Jesus, the disciples themselves were told to wait for the power of the Holy Spirit, promised by Christ himself. While our waiting is often passive as we distract ourselves until the awaited event arrives, we can learn from the disciples and their waiting, which is proactive and expectant. While we often wait for God to move in our lives before we move ourselves, the disciples model a better way to wait: we prepare our hearts, our minds, and our hands, and we begin to move in faith. It is here, in the trusting, prepared movement forward, that the Lord meets us as he promises, complete with power and presence. 

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