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Ibzan, Elon, & Abdon: Learning Limitations

February 19, 2017 Preacher: Pastor Allen Coleman Series: Judges

Topic: Sovereignty of God Scripture: Judges 12:7–12:15

All of us have limitations. As much as we desire differently, we as humans are finite in our ability to fully understand, be present in, and change our circumstances. Our inability to know all produces anxiety, our failure to be everywhere and do everything well produces regret, and our weakness and powerlessness to control all aspects of our life produces anger. These limitations, however, are meant to lead us to the end of ourselves, to the freeing realization that we can’t know all, be everywhere, and control everything. We are limited, but we serve a limitless God: all knowing, always present, and all powerful, who knows us intimately and desires us to know him more. May our troubled lives be fully submitted to the only one who is able to lead us, empower us, and save us: God the Father, through Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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