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A Portrait Of Apostasy

January 29, 2017 Preacher: Pastor Allen Coleman Series: Judges

Topic: Apostasy Scripture: Judges 10:6–10:17

Israel, yet again caught up in pursuing what is right in their own eyes, becomes an example of apostasy in this week’s text. Although our God is gracious, loving, and slow to anger, he is equally just and holy, and will not tolerate the blatant abuse of his grace. Such indifference towards sin was a hallmark of Israel in the book of Judges, and lest we take care to examine our own lives, we could unknowingly image the same carelessness. The road to apostasy is paved with resignation and religion, both of which are seldom seen by their object. However, today is a good day… because detours abound in Jesus Christ. When Jesus is enough, worldly sorrow is replaced with genuine contrition, behavior modification is replaced with genuine change, and spiritual pluralism is replaced with genuine fidelity to Jesus.

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