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Tola/Jair: Bipartisan Inauguration

January 22, 2017 Preacher: Pastor Allen Coleman Series: Judges

Topic: Politics Scripture: Judges 10:1–10:5

What can we learn from five short verses in the book of Judges? Tola and Jair, both Judges of Israel, lived different lives, experienced different upbringings, and had very different backgrounds. However, they both inherited a sinful Israel, and were themselves sinners. For all of this mess, both men avoided clinging to second hand issues and lead in a manner pleasing to God. As we find ourselves in this very charged political season, may we be reminded that no politics with solve our greatest need: to be reconciled to God. Only faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ can fill our greatest need, and only after we have received this forgiveness and experience the gospel daily can we rightly view others and the varied issues of our nation and world.

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