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Our Way of Life

The word disciple is the greek word 'mathetes', literally translated 'to follow'. Therefore, it is much more than simply a student or pupil. A disciple is someone who adheres to and conforms to the teachings of another, making it their way of life. This is why to follow Jesus is sometimes referred to as The Way (John 14:6, Acts 22:4, Acts 19:23, Acts 24:14). Anthem Church's primary vehicle for discipleship is a Gospel Community.  

What Is A Gospel Community?

A Gospel Community is a smaller group of people who live out the implications of the gospel together as a family. Each Gospel Community meets regularly to eat, learn, pray and serve one another. Most importantly, Gospel Communities gather to share and trust the gospel in real , tangible ways. So whether you consider yourself a part of Anthem—or if you're just checking out what it looks like to live as Jesus lived—it is our desire that everyone would be an active participant in one of these communities that bring life, healing and growth.