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Advent 2018 Prayer & Giving | Fire Relief


Church family, 

God so loved the world that he gave – not a gift that fades, not a gift that delights only slightly or shortly, but an eternal gift. God gave us Jesus Christ, his only son, that we may believe in him and receive eternal life. Though in the flesh we may lack, in our spirit we are wealthy beyond measure. Though all around seems dark and decaying, within us the light of the world takes residence and abides. As we grow to be more like the Son, we grow more in his character as well; like his Father, he is a giver, who gave his life for the joy set before him: our inheritance and purchase (Hebrews 12:2).

The Advent weeks are a great opportunity for us as a body to give. In addition to our regular offerings, we have the opportunity to redeem a season that has been captured by greed by giving to those who are lacking in different ways. 

This year, an incredible need has arisen in our state. The fires in Northern California have devastated numerous homes, business, and lives. Many who anticipated enjoying the holidays with their loved ones are instead faced with the horrors of lost homes and missing family. Efforts are now being put forth to help, restore, and reunite those who have suffered.

Understandably, financial contributions go a long way with these efforts. Please join us in prayerfully considering donations during this season. Below are a number of trustworthy organizations that are accepting financial donations and are directly linked to relief efforts.

Thank you for joining us in this act of charity during the holidays. Above all, let us pray together for the relief of those affected. May they find hope in darkness, may they find comfort in chaos, and may they receive healing in the midst of devastation. God Almighty, help those who are helping others, and may we join them in prayer and in deed, that your hands might reach those who need your grace and life.