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When Sports Becomes God

" and then we have a tournament Thanksgiving weekend. We expect everyone to be there." I turned to my wife. "Did he really just say 'Thanksgiving Weekend'?" My daughter Ashley played 'select soccer' for a few years. We had heard the commitment was a little crazy at times but had no idea the extent. Every girl on the team had accepted soccer as Lord and Savior at 5 years ...

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India Reflections & Video

This is a reflection of my recent trip to India with ten other members of my home church, Epic Faith, in San Rafael, CA. As many people have been asking me how my trip was, I thought the best way to share with many people would be for me to sit down and actually write out my thoughts for others to read. We spent ten days traveling, about two in New Delhi and the rest in An...

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Is God An Alien?

I fail . . . a lot. This bodes poorly for someone so performance minded as myself. I am so often frustrated with myself, and if honest, with God for the pace at which He sanctifies me. That is, after more than a decade, shouldn't I be able to stop doing the things I hate! Why do I keep returning to the same patterns, to the same postures, to the same responses? Why do I ke...

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Let's Make Jesus Sexy?

Most of my experience has been with churches that were very clear on their need for relevance. This, admittedly, includes my own church. Even the many movements of the last two decades, seemed to voice this imperative. Their message was clear, from seeker sensitive to postmodern to emergent, we have heard the culture and are responding accordingly. This, however, makes an ...

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John Piper Interviews Rick Warren on Doctrine

This 98 minute interview that John Piper did with Rick Warren was recorded on May 1, 2011, during the Desiring God Regional Conference at Saddleback Church. It's the fulfillment of a commitment made when Rick was not able to come in person to the Desiring God National Conference in Minneapolis in October, 2010....

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The Vanity Confession

Starting in January of 2011, we started a series entitled "Vanity". This was an expositional preaching series through the book of Ecclesiastes. Warren Wiersbe titled his commentary on the book "Be Satisfied". To aid us with that goal in mind, we concluded our series in confessional form. To do so, I highlighted the major themes in Ecclesiastes and our appropriate response ...

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Are You Slowing Your Church Down?

Our pace must be quick because our time is short. A quick pace is not indicative of carelessness or impatience, but rather an unwillingness to be an obstacle. Paul is clear. "...time has grown very short". His point is that we are to attend to the kinds of daily affairs that would be unimportant if Christ were returning within weeks or months. That our love for Jesus' miss...

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Illegitimate Reasons To Leave A Church

Leaving a church should not be considered lightly and the decision should be made carefully. Prayer, wise-counsel, and discernment are required to make this decision faithfully. Further, no one should ever leave a church without having sat-down with church-leadership in an effort to stay, first. ...

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GOD WINS. Heaven, Hell & Rob Bell

"Can centuries of creeds & confessions really be wrong?" "Did the early church fathers really miss the mark?" Now, creeds are not Scripture and Augustine is not Jesus. Regardless, shouldn't they be considered carefully as helpful guides in affirming doctrine? The issue of heaven and hell has all culminated with Rob Bell's release of "Love Wins." A book About Heaven, ...

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A Valentine's Day Poem

I've received a lot of requests for this. So here is the video from this weekend's service (2/13/11). Keep Reading