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Anthem Is Planting A Church In India

On Sunday, December 16, 2012, we introduced our members to the church planters we are sending to an unreached people group in India. To protect their cover, we cannot divulge their identities or exact location. However, we can explain the whys, whos, wheres, and hows of this decision....

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As Brothers And Sisters: A Guide On Speaking To Young Adults

With Gift of Love fast approaching, here are some biblical instructions and practical tips for engaging young adults....

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Are You Slowing Your Church Down?

Our pace must be quick because our time is short. A quick pace is not indicative of carelessness or impatience, but rather an unwillingness to be an obstacle. Paul is clear. "...time has grown very short". His point is that we are to attend to the kinds of daily affairs that would be unimportant if Christ were returning within weeks or months. That our love for Jesus' miss...

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Illegitimate Reasons To Leave A Church

Leaving a church should not be considered lightly and the decision should be made carefully. Prayer, wise-counsel, and discernment are required to make this decision faithfully. Further, no one should ever leave a church without having sat-down with church-leadership in an effort to stay, first. ...

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What You Should Believe About Church Leadership.

I can't help but wonder who the first Senior Pastor in history was. I think I would like to go back into history and pick his brain. What was it about God's plan for the church that didn't work for him? Were things not moving fast enough for him? Did he have weak Elders incapable of leading? Was he nervous that the church would not move in the direction he thought best...

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Why Be A Church Member? Why A Formal Process? Why Not Just Go And Participate?

With Membership getting ready to launch in the next couple of months, it's important to keep in front of us why this is so important. I will be talking a lot about membership here over the next few weeks, as a result. I think John Piper sums this up much better than I could: Keep Reading

Why Firing Our Lead Pastor Was So Important. (that's me)

Ministry has a host of challenges that we desperately want to see overcome. But is confidence in gifting and experience enough? Is it possible that everything we know about church organization is wrong? ...

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